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When structures are built, construction companies and general contractors have strict guidelines to follow. Unfortunately, whether the company purposefully cut corners or made an honest mistake, a construction defect may occur. Consider the following frequently asked questions about a construction defect case:

What is a construction defect?

A construction defect is any issue that cheapens the value of your property. These problems arise in many different types of structures such as homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, and more.  Whether you notice a problem immediately or it comes to your attention years after you bought the house, we want to help.

What types of issues fall under a construction defect case?

There are many types of defects that may occur in a structure. If you discover any of the following issues, immediately call a professional to confirm your observation. The following are common issues that lead to construction litigation: water issues, landscaping, poor drainage, cracks in any area of the home, dry rot, structural failure, and electrical problems.

How is a construction defect proved in court?

The court will take into consideration what type of defect it is – latent or patent. A latent defect does not make itself known for years after the structure was built. A patent defect is an issue that is immediately obvious to the homeowner. If necessary, an expert inspector will be called to the site and his opinion on the defect will be given to the court.

What type of compensation will I receive?

The compensation you will receive depends on the unique circumstances of your case. However, it’s not uncommon for the responsible party to be charged with fixing the defect, paying court fees, and compensating the homeowner for the loss of home value.

Why should I hire a construction lawyer?

Construction companies have an insurance company on their side that are ready to fight your accusations. You need a team of lawyers who know how to handle construction companies and their insurance providers. Fortunately, the Kicklighter attorneys have years of litigation and trial experience fighting for property owners.

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