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car accidentIf You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident, Kicklighter Law Can Help!

In a matter of seconds, a car accident can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. On top of the damage to your primary mode of transportation, you may experience significant emotional stress and injuries that could lead to lost wages. Even though thousands of automobile accidents happen each day, they can make for complex legal matters, meaning you need a committed auto attorney on your side to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

I’ve Been Involved in a Car Accident. Now What?

If you’ve been in a car accident, your first action should be to check on the safety all those involved in the accident and seek medical attention immediately, if necessary. Following this, your first call should be to the Kicklighter team. Never speak to an insurance company following a car accident without first retaining the services of an experienced auto attorney. In fact, we will call your insurance company for you, if necessary. In order to make sure that you obtain the full compensation you’re entitled to for the damage to your car, injuries, and emotional distress, it’s crucial to have our accident attorney review the details of your case.

The Kicklighter Law Team is Here for You

Our goal is for you to focus on recovering, mentally and physically, while we handle your case. Our team will work closely with medical personnel, insurance companies, and investigators to gain a precise understanding of your losses and what type of compensation you deserve. We will then build your case to ensure that we achieve the best possible result for you.

At the Kicklighter Law firm, we have years of experience handling all types of automobile accident cases. Our team is focused on our clients’ needs and will review every aspect of your case to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve. We don’t cut corners and we prepare each case for trial from the beginning. We have taken nearly 100 cases to trial and are ready to fight for you.

Contact the Kicklighter Law team at 912-754-6003 to schedule a free consultation!