Why Do I Need a Construction Attorney in Georgia?

Successful construction projects require collaboration between multiple parties including owners, architects, contractors, and investors. Because of the large number of moving parts in construction projects, the potential for disagreements is high, making it important to have an experienced team of construction attorneys protecting your interests.

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Here are three reasons you need to hire an experienced construction attorney:

1. Creating and Reviewing Effective Contracts

Construction projects can involve tight schedules and large amounts of money. Before getting financially involved with a project, you need to make sure your interests are protected in writing. This can be done by creating an effective contract. The construction litigation team at Kicklighter Law can help you draft or review construction contracts to protect you in case of disputes or non-payment.

2. Dispute Resolution

If a dispute occurs between any of the parties involved in a construction project, it’s crucial to have an experienced construction attorney to represent you as soon as possible. Typical disputes during projects include breach of contract, professional negligence, construction defects, and payment issues. Kicklighter Law has the expertise to successfully represent your case and will work to find fair solutions through mediation or in a trial.

3. Permitting and Regulation Guidance

Regulations, licenses, and permits can stall a construction project no matter the size. This includes zoning, land use, environmental, and workplace safety laws. A Georgia construction attorney can help you navigate the legal requirements for a project and ensure you are up to code before and during construction. The Kicklighter Law team is experienced with the codes and laws surrounding construction projects in Georgia and maintains relationships with leading experts to ensure we have a complete understanding of each situation.

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