What Steps Can I Take to Ensure the Best Possible Criminal Defense?

If you have been charged with a crime, you may face penalties ranging from fines to a prison sentence. This can be an extremely overwhelming experience, particularly if you face severe penalties for a felony offense. To ensure that your legal rights are protected, it is crucial that you have a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. 

Whether this is your first offense or you have been charged with a crime, you may be unsure about your next steps. The most important step is to find a criminal defense lawyer.

The following are questions you should ask prospective criminal defense lawyers:

  • How long have you been practicing criminal law? It is recommended that you work with an attorney with years of experience handling criminal law cases. An experienced lawyer will have a better understanding of the legal system, how other lawyers, judges, and prosecutors operate, and the legal strategy that will be most effective in your case.
  • Do you focus primarily on criminal law? In addition to having years of legal experience, it is essential that you work with a lawyer who focuses on criminal law. This means that they are going to be more familiar with the criminal court system, specific judges, and the legal strategies that are going to be the most effective.
  • How many trials have you handled? A skilled criminal defense lawyer is more likely to have handled several cases, which means they will be better at opening and closing arguments, jury selection, and other essential elements in a criminal case.
  • What defense strategies will you pursue? An experienced criminal defense lawyer will review your case, identify things that the officer may have done wrong, discuss the defense strategies that are available to you, and recommend the strategy that will result in the best possible outcome.
  • How do you communicate with clients? Your criminal defense lawyer should communicate with you and provide case updates regularly. If there is a lack of communication or you do not feel your case is getting the attention it deserves, it is in your best interest to consider looking for new legal representation. 

What Are the Other Steps?

If you have been charged with a felony, you must appear for several court dates, including an arraignment, where you are notified about the charges and allegations against you.

The next step involves scheduling plea dates where you can negotiate your case with the district attorney. You will eventually be set for a pre-trial calendar, where you will discuss whether you want a bench trial or a jury trial.

Once this process is complete, there will be a conviction or an acquittal. Sentencing will occur if there is a conviction.

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