What Are Common Truck Driver Distractions?

People who are used to driving oversized trucks might not be thinking about how dangerous those large vehicles are. These behemoths are much longer, wider, and heavier than passenger cars and trucks, and can do much more damage in accidents. Truck drivers are supposed to be 100 percent focused when behind the wheel, but like everyone else, sometimes their attention gets taken away.

Smartphone Use

According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), people who text and drive are 23 more times likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Most people realize that driving and cell phone use is a dangerous combination, but it is a habit for so many. The real problem comes when truckers text and drive because this uses the eyes, hands, and brain. Checking emails and social media is just as bad – and even worse – because there are also photos and videos to look at and listen to.  

Even if the trucker is talking to someone hands-free, it is still a distraction. While a pleasant conversation might be fine, an intense discussion or heated argument takes a lot of energy and requires additional focus. Passengers inside the truck can also compete for a truck driver’s attention.

Loose Items Inside the Truck

Reaching for a device and not being able to grab it leads to taking one’s eyes off the road. An obvious example is a Smartphone, but truck drivers might also reach for a charger cord or a piece of gum. Making adjustments to a GPS, radio, or fan can also cause a trucker to lose control of the vehicle. If something like a cup falls on the ground, a trucker might look down and then try to grab it.

Truck drivers keep in contact with their employers through dispatching devices, and also use these to plan for poor weather conditions, map out directions, and keep their logs. These should not be used while driving, as doing so significantly  increases the risk of a collision.


Long hours on the road cause drivers to become bored and lose focus, and truck drivers are no exception. Since they spend so much time behind the wheel, fatigue often sets in and that makes it even harder to concentrate.

Eating and Drinking in the Driver’s Seat

Truck drivers have scheduled breaks to have meals and rest, but some still choose to eat and drink behind the wheel. When the pressure is on to make deliveries, some might even skip their breaks to save time and have their meals while driving. Messy foods are even more dangerous because a second hand is often needed. If the food or drink is hot, a spill could injure the trucker and lead to a serious accident.

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