Georgia Divorce FAQ’s Part 2

If you’re contemplating a divorce, it’s vital to know as much as possible about divorce proceedings, necessary legal information, and more. Keep reading to discover the answers to frequently asked questions about divorce in Georgia:

What does a legal separation entail?

Before filing for a divorce, it’s important to be legally separated from your spouse. This does not mean you have to move out of the home, but rather into a different bedroom. Although no set time frame is required, it is best to be legally separated for at least 30 days before filing for divorce. During this time, remain separated and do not participate in rectifying activities, as this could compromise the legal separation period.

Will my chosen grounds for divorce affect the outcome?

Grounds for divorce in Georgia includes a wide range of reasons such as adultery, cruel treatment, habitual intoxication, desertion, and more. The judge may consider the chosen ground for divorce while determining who is responsible for the children, child support, property division, and alimony. Your divorce attorney can effectively present your case in court and seek the best result for you and your family.

Will our assets and debts be split equally?

It’s important to note that Georgia is an equitable distribution state. Equitable means fair and impartial, so your assets and debts may not necessarily be split equally. For example, if one spouse behaved poorly in the marriage (adultery, cruel treatment, etc.), it’s likely that the judge will take that conduct into account when determining asset and debt division.

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