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The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is referred to as the 100 Deadliest Days, as there is a major increase in car accident fatalities. One major factor contributing to these fatalities is people who drive under the influence of alcohol of drugs. If a drunk driver is on the road, his reaction time is drastically reduced, and he will likely make poor driving decisions. These negligent choices often result in drunk driving accidents and possibly serious injuries or death. Your car accident attorney will consider several factors, such as Georgia’s Dram Shop Laws and consequences for drunk driving in Georgia, while pursuing maximum compensation for you. Allow us to explain:

Georgia’s Dram Shop Laws

Georgia’s Dram Shop Laws allow the injured plaintiff to file a claim against an establishment or bartender who is responsible for over-serving the defendant. For example, if a bartender continues to serve an obviously intoxicated person alcohol and that person leaves the restaurant and hits another vehicle, the injured party can sue the establishment and/or bartender for negligence as well as the drunk driver.  

Pursuing compensation under Georgia’s Dram Shop Laws holds dualistic importance. First, the establishment and/or bartender that is convicted must deal with court-ordered consequences such as a fine or loss of liquor license. These consequences will hopefully force the establishment to become stricter with serving alcohol to intoxicated customers. Second, your car accident attorney will use these Laws to pursue maximum compensation from the establishment and/or bartender and the defendant.

Drunk Driving in Georgia

In Georgia, if you’re convicted of drunk driving, you may face jailtime, community service orders, fines, points on your license, license suspension, and other consequences. The details of the consequences are determined by your judge, what number offense this incident was, your age, and more.

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