Holiday Driving Safety Tips

The week from Christmas to New Year’s also comes with heavily congested roads and plenty of traffic accidents. Some estimates show that there will be close to 107 million drivers out on the roads from December 23 to January 1. Add to that the chances of poor weather conditions and nighttime driving and you have all the ingredients needed for serious crashes. How can you make holiday driving safer this season?

How Can I Prepare for Holiday Driving?

You might be too busy to take your car in for a tune-up this time of year, so at the very least check the tank to see if you have enough gas and check your tire pressure. Replace broken lights and cracked mirrors. Many accidents happen when drivers are rushing, and everyone feels like they do not have enough time during the holidays. Leave at least 10 minutes early to account for traffic and listen to the weather and traffic reports. If you do not have an ice scraper, first-aid supplies, and emergency kit in your car, now is the time to throw them in the trunk.

Driver distractions are the main cause of auto accidents and putting your cell phone on do not disturb is one of the best ways to eliminate the problem. Try not to eat or drink while your car is moving. Avoid grooming, adjusting your GPS, and anything else that will take your focus away from the road.

Remember that fatigued driving symptoms mirror intoxicated driving symptoms (slow reaction times, falling asleep, poor decision-making), so do not drive while fatigued or intoxicated during the holidays and the rest of the year.

Tips for Driving Safely This Time of Year

You cannot control what other drivers do, but you can maintain your focus and practice defensive driving during the holiday season. When you encounter other drivers who are not paying attention or acting aggressively, increase your distance and keep your temper in check. This can be very frustrating, but returning the bad behavior can escalate a situation unnecessarily. If you want to report a hazardous driver, have a passenger do it or wait until you can pull over somewhere safe to do it yourself.

Follow all of the posted speed limits and other traffic signs and signals. Do not tailgate. You will probably be seeing more tractor-trailers this time of year, and their large blind spots make it difficult for their drivers to see other vehicles. Give them a wide berth all the way around, as they also have longer stopping distances and must make wider turns.

The Springfield Car Accident Lawyers at Kicklighter Law Wish Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

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