What Happens if I Miss a Court Date in Georgia?

You must comply with a scheduled court appearance despite the inconvenience of having to take time off from work, arrange childcare, or other scheduling conflicts. Failure to appear for a scheduled court date could result in various negative consequences, including a bench warrant for your arrest. If you missed a court date, intentionally or unintentionally, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced lawyer.

Your court appearance is mandatory, and the date is set based on the court’s schedule. You should adhere to the court’s requests and arrive on the scheduled date and time. When you do not show up, the judge takes this very seriously. If your missed court date was due to an emergency, including a severe accident, or you were hospitalized for some reason, the judge will likely consider the circumstances of your missed court date and waive the penalty. You must provide documentation of why you missed the court date, including medical records or a police report.

If you do miss your court date, you could face consequences. For example, you may have to pay a significant fine. It is also possible that a bench warrant for your arrest may be issued if you do not show up to your scheduled court date. A bench warrant is issued by a judge for violating the court’s rules, including missing a court date, violation of probation, or a grand jury indictment or sworn affidavit. If a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest, you could be taken to jail immediately if the police stop you or they need to check your license for some reason. You also risk losing your job or being unable to secure a new job if your driver’s license has been suspended.

What Should I Do if I Missed My Court Date?

If you failed to appear at your scheduled court date, contacting a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible is highly recommended. Your attorney can determine whether the failure to appear was due to an emergency and argue to have the penalties reduced or thrown out. In addition, if you do need to surrender to law enforcement, your attorney will protect your legal rights and recommend the best legal course of action.

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