What’s the Process Like for Medical Malpractice Claims in Savannah, Georgia

Medical malpractice is a serious claim, and one that should be made by an expert lawyer. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand what medical malpractice entails so they are unsure if they have a case. Allow us to explain medical malpractice, medical negligence, intent, and how an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help.

Medical Malpractice Details

There is a fine line between malpractice and medical negligence, and that fine line is referred to as “intent.” Discover the details:

Malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider breaches his duty of care to the patient and an injury is sustained because of it. Not all healthcare-related injuries rise to the serious level of malpractice. It’s possible your injury will be considered negligence which should still be compensated.

Duty of care encompasses the actions that should have been taken based on what other healthcare providers would have done in the same situation. (Duty of care can be difficult to prove if your attorney is not extremely knowledgeable and experienced with malpractice cases!)

Intent has everything to do with the doctor’s knowledge of his actions. If the doctor knew he should have helped the patient and knew that his lack of effort would harm the patient, intent is present. The presence of intent is the major difference in a malpractice and negligence case.

Negligence occurs when a healthcare provider unintentionally makes a mistake such as leaving surgical equipment inside your body. Medical negligence can still cause injuries, and it’s vital to take your case to an experienced lawyer.

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