Where do Car Accidents Typically Occur in Chatham County, Georgia?

Did you know that busy interstates are NOT the most common location for a car accident to occur? The four most common locations a car accident occurs is rural highways, two-lane roads, stop sign intersections, and parking lots. Let’s find out why and where car accidents typically occur in Chatham County, GA:

Rural Highways

Although rural highways do not have high amounts of constant traffic, they are home to many single-vehicle accidents. Most single-vehicle accidents occur when the driver is distracted and swerves off the road. Additionally, issues on rural highways such as potholes or minimal signage can be a factor in a car accident.

Two Lane Roads

Two-lane roads do not leave much room for driver error. When driving on a two-lane road, mere inches can be the difference between a head-on collision or safely passing the oncoming vehicle. Additionally, unlike big interstates that have wide shoulders, two-lane roads have small shoulders. A quick jerk of the hand or distracted driving could cause your vehicle to end up in the grass or in the other lane.

Stop Sign Intersections

Although Georgia law, including Chatham County, states that vehicles must come to a complete stop at the clearly marked line on the road, many drivers conduct a “rolling stop” which isn’t a stop at all. This can cause a car accident since the opposite driver assumes the other vehicle will come to a stop instead of proceeding through the intersection.

Parking Lots

The most common type of car accident in a parking lot is a fender bender. Distracted drivers or blind spots can be the main source of parking lot accidents. When in a parking lot, be mindful of your surroundings including other vehicles, people, animals, and more.

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