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A severe personal injury alters your life and demands your immediate attention. You should have the opportunity to put all your focus and strength toward therapy and rehabilitation, but who will handle the legal side, pursue compensation, and demand justice for your case? Choosing a personal injury law firm that comes alongside you amid the hardest time of your life is essential for your recovery.

At Kicklighter Law, we promise to be a zealous advocate and compassionate friend – you know, that one who is willing to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly – who pursues the best possible result for your case. This is what you can expect from our team:

1. Personal Injury Trial Experience

In Mickey’s 35+ years of practicing law, he has tried over 1,000 cases, including nearly 100 jury trials. These noteworthy numbers strengthen Mickey’s reputation in personal injury law. He is not interested in settling for pennies on the dollar for his client. He will fearlessly pursue trial for your case if that means his client will receive the best possible result.

2. Quality Over Quantity

In every area of life, if you are spread too thin, your quality of work suffers. In law, when an attorney’s quality of work suffers, the client pays the price. Mickey cares more about providing quality work and personal attention with his clients over the number of cases he handles.

3. Deeply Knowledgeable About State Laws

Rules and laws vary from state to state. It is crucial that your personal injury attorney has an in-depth knowledge about your case and the state laws related to your case. This knowledge is a driving force behind every recommendation Mickey gives to his clients and strategic approach he takes with the opposition.

4. Compassionate, Personal Attention to Your Case

Your personal injury attorney should zealously pursue compensation for your injury with no fear of the opposition. Simultaneously, he should provide compassionate, personal attention to his clients, as this is likely the most difficult time of their life. Kicklighter Law is a boutique firm with a big heart that has passion for its clients, as they are valued and remain our top priority.

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