What Should I Know Before My Divorce Proceedings?

Entering divorce proceedings can be a stressful and emotional time! There are certain things you can do to prepare yourself for this journey to go as smooth as possible. Keep reading to discover four things you need to do before filing for divorce:

  1. Think Through or Talk About Child Custody

    If you have children, fighting over legal or joint custody can contribute to painful divorce proceedings. Before you file for divorce, think through what the ideal situation would be for you and your children. If possible, talk to your spouse about his wishes and see if you two can work together or compromise. This helps the event be less traumatic for both parties and children.

  2. Decide Where You Want to Live

    If it’s very important that if you want to be awarded the house in the divorce, you shouldn’t move out during the divorce proceedings, as it can negatively affect your chances of a judge agreeing with you. As always, your safety is the first priority and if you need to move out for safety reasons, don’t hesitate to do so.

  3. Purchase or Sell Necessary Items

    Once you file for divorce, everything you own will be under scrutiny from a judge. He will determine who is responsible for certain bills, child support, and more. If you’ve been needing to upgrade your vehicle or make a sale, it’s important to do that before filing for divorce.

  4. Talk to a Divorce Attorney

    A divorce attorney can help you think through other important aspects of this event such as closing bank accounts or credit cards, developing a support system, actions that could negatively affect your divorce proceedings, and more.

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