Choosing a Contractor in Georgia

Remodeling a home or constructing a new building is an exciting adventure! Making sure you choose the best contractor available makes for a solid foundation in the contractor-client relationship. Discover how to choose the right contractor and how a construction attorney can help if needed.

Receive Several Bids

Just like you price check a product online or at a store for the best deal, you’ll want to receive several bids from different contractors. It’s likely that a more-experienced contractor will charge more while a new contractor will be cheaper. You’ll have to decide if cost is worth the experience or if getting the best deal is the driving factor.

Make Your Decision Beyond the Numbers

After getting several bids from different contractors, eliminate any contractors who you did not feel comfortable around. Your construction contractor will be building or remodeling your home, which means you need to feel 100% comfortable with their personality, ethics, and decision-making process.

Ask Other People for Referrals

A contractor can say all the right things, but their actions will show their true work ethic and character. That’s why Mickey Kicklighter, your construction attorney, advises you to get referrals from people you trust. You can ask them to be honest with you about how they felt with their construction contractor, their dependability, if there were any unexpected costs, and more.

How Your Georgia Construction Attorney Can Help

If you’ve hired a contractor to build or remodel your home, your construction attorney understands that there is a potential for disputes. These disputes may lead to costly issues, and we’re here to help! Further, if you hired a contractor and you’re noticing defects in his work now that it’s complete, we can guide you through this legal matter. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your construction attorney, Mickey Kicklighter, immediately: 912-754-6003.