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Each day, roughly seven million drivers are traveling on Georgia roads. Out of that number, thousands of semi-trucks are carrying truckloads of products to and from locations. With so many semi-trucks on Georgia interstates, it’s important to know how to avoid a semi-truck accident:

  1. Remain visible.

    Semi-trucks are incredibly huge vehicles, which means their blind spots are big as well. A semi-trucks’ blind spots include 30 feet behind the truck, 20 feet in front of the truck, two lanes to the right of the truck, and one lane to the left of the truck. A general rule of thumb is if you cannot see the driver’s reflection in his side view mirror, he cannot see you.

  2. Pass safely.

    When you pass a semi-truck, do so quickly and safely. If possible, keep a lane between you and the semi-truck while passing. If that’s not possible, pass the semi-truck quickly – do not linger in the blind spot. Other tips to pass a semi-truck safely include:
    Never pass a semi-truck in the right lane, as their blind spot is much bigger in the right lane.
    Never pass a semi-truck while going downhill, as these trucks pick up speed easily.
    Never pass a semi-truck when it has its blinker on and is trying to switch lanes.

  3. Step #3: Don’t cut off a semi-truck.

    A semi-truck needs much more space to make a complete stop than a regular vehicle. If you cut off a semi-truck, the driver won’t be able to stop before hitting your car. If you need to drive into the semi-truck’s lane, either let the semi-truck pass you first or make sure there is at least 20 feet of space in front of the truck.

Have you been injured in a semi-truck accident in Chatham County Georgia?

A semi-truck accident can be devastating to everyone involved. If you or a family member are in a truck accident, contact our attorneys immediately. If the truck driver caused the accident, you have the right to sue.