Steps to Take After Being Pulled Over For a DUI in Georgia

One of the most festive days of the year is quickly approaching – St. Patrick’s Day! While drinking green beer and hanging out with friends may be on your to-do list, be mindful that police officers will be on the roads in full force and road blocks will be everywhere. Consider these tips if you’re pulled over for a DUI:

  1. Don’t Make Suspicious Movements

    Once you’ve pulled over in a safe location, keep your hands on the wheel where the officer can see them. If the officer notices you are reaching for your glove compartment or underneath your seat while he is approaching your vehicle, the situation can escalate quickly. He may suspect you are reaching for a weapon or hiding incriminating evidence like a bottle of alcohol.

  2. Don’t Incriminate Yourself While Answering a Police Officer’s Questions

    The police officer who pulled you over will ask for your driver’s license, registration, insurance information, and the like. Politely hand that information to him and wait for his questions. Don’t voluntarily give information that may incriminate yourself. For example, “I’m sorry that I was speeding” or “I only had two drinks at the bar” are incriminating phrases that will be used against you in court.

  3. Follow the Police Officer’s Instructions

    If the police officer asks you to perform a field sobriety test or take a breathalyzer test, do so without causing a scene. If you refuse a breathalyzer test, your license will automatically be suspended. If these test results show the officer that you’ve been drinking, your DUI law team can still argue your case in your favor.

  4. Write Down the Event Details

    Once you’re released from the police station (if it leads to that), write down the details of the entire night. This information will be vital for your attorneys to create a case for you. Include information such as when you started drinking, how much alcohol you consumed, what locations you were at, who you were with, and more. No detail is too small to include during this process.

Contact An Attorney Who Understands Georgia DUI Laws and We’ll Fight For You

Sometimes, unfair judgment on behalf of the police officer and faulty equipment can result in an improper accusation. The Kicklighter Law team has extensive experience investigating the details of DUI cases. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve been pulled over for a DUI.

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