Types of Construction Defects in Georgia

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construction defects can take many forms, and each defect requires extensive skill and knowledge to make it right. We have experience handling deficiencies in a building’s design, material, construction, and subsurface. Discover the details:

Construction Defect: Design

The design of a building has a direct effect on how your building is built. If an architect designed your building poorly, the construction team will build it based on an improper design, and problems will occur. The design itself must be up to code and follow specific regulations to ensure safety and proper building.

Construction Defect: Material

Your home should be aesthetically pleasing, but also built with the very best materials. If your contractor cut corners and used cheap material instead of quality material, your home won’t last as long as it should. You may not realize that cheap material was used until you see a physical problem manifesting such as a rotting window frame or mold buildup near a doorframe.

Construction Defect: Construction

If your home was constructed poorly, it’s likely that a constructed defect will arise. Issues that may present themselves due to poor workmanship include foundation cracks, wood rot, electrical problems, and leaks in the plumbing. If you experience any of these issues, it’s likely you’ll have additional problems that are produced due to these issues.

Construction Defect: Subsurface

A solid foundation is necessary for a solid structure. A construction defect may occur if the foundation was not properly built or if the subsurface underneath the foundation was not adequately prepared. If the subsurface is not properly compacted and readied for the foundation, your home’s foundation may experience cracking, subsidence, shifting, and other serious issues.

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