What to Do After You Find a Construction Defect

General contractors and construction companies have a standard they must meet to ensure a building is up to code. Frustratingly, the workers may cut corners to meet deadlines. This will create an issue known as a construction defect. This is what you should do after you find a construction defect:

Present Your Problem to the Builder

Best case scenario, you talk to your builder and they immediately take steps to fix the problem. During a construction project, there are building contracts that the builder and general contractors must answer to. If your problem is covered within this building contract, they have a responsibility to fix the construction defect.

Talk to an Attorney

Frustratingly, some builders and general contractors won’t take responsibility for the defect or give you the runaround about when they’ll fix it. When an attorney gets involved, the understand you’re serious and it can speed up the process. Mickey Kicklighter has extensive experience dealing with construction law, builders, and general contractors to help you during your construction defect case.

File a Lawsuit if Necessary

Most construction defect cases will fall under a negligence claim or a breach of contract claim. A negligence claim covers issues like the builder lacked the skill or knowledge to complete the task, the builder failed to perform the task, or the result was not sufficient. A breach of contract claim encompasses issues with the product itself, usually one that resulted in a defective product.

Filing a claim against a person or company may seem overwhelming after you find a construction defect, but your place of residence needs to be free of malfunctioned or damaged parts. Mickey Kicklighter can guide you through your claim, as he has countless experiences with construction law and obtaining positive results for his clients. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.