Road Safety Tips for Teenagers

School is out, and summer is in. Your teenager will be home for roughly 40 more hours a week than usual. Does she have her driver’s license? If so, she likely wants to roam the roads and find summer adventures! Before handing her the keys, make sure you review road safety tips to help her drive alert and aware. Discover the details:

  1. Eliminate Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving encompasses anything that averts your eyes from the road, your hands from the steering wheel, or your brain from what is going on around you. From putting on makeup to using a cellphone, take extra steps to eliminate distracted driving and stay safe on the road.

  2. Practice Defensive Driving

    Defensive driving reduces your risk of causing a car accident. Examples of defensive driving include paying attention to your surroundings, giving the vehicle ahead of you plenty of space, driving the speed limit, and always thinking about safety first. It’s important to note that defensive driving is not aggressive driving.

  3. Plan Ahead

    If you’re planning a road trip with friends, it’s important to do research about the best routes to take and avoid driving in the dark. Nighttime driving is difficult for even the most experienced drivers, and it’s best to settle in for the night before the sun sets completely. Also, you’ll want to consider what roads to take that coincide with your driving skills (highways, interstates, backroads, etc.).

  4. Drive When You’re Fully Rested

    Did you know that roughly 15% of accidents are caused by driver fatigue? If your teen is awake for roughly 20 hours then operates a car, her body has the same reaction time as a driver with a blood alcohol content of .08%. No matter how short or long the drive is, make sure your teen knows to drive when she’s fully rested.

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